Tuesday, February 9, 2021

2021 Update! Chinese New Year is on Friday

*It has been a long time since I have signed into this account.  I am glad it is still obtainable to use from my finger tips.  A lot has changed since my last blog post in 2016. 

A few quick updates about my small Etsy shop:

    All Beta has been rebranded to Beta Crush.  

    Instagram and Facebook page are available for shop updates and sales.

    I am still a one person shop owner and maker of everything in my shop.

    I hope to continue to use this blog spot to show off how to sew chalk bags and more!

I am bringing back an old design from 2012.  It is a Chinese take out chalk bag.  The first pagoda design was originally hand embroidered onto the fabric.  The design was more simple and minimal than the one in the photo.  I have redesigned the new pagoda and now hand print it onto the chalk bag, instead of embroider.  This allows me to make them more efficiently and effectively.  I am happy to announce, it is now available in Beta Crush Etsy shop to celebrate the new lunar year this Friday in 2021, and for some of us, it is Chinese New Year.

May the new year bring you joy and happiness!  Stay tuned for more sewing ideas and designs.

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